Working in The Forest Today

Good morning everyone and I hope you’re having a lovely week!

I thought I’d take a moment to let you know what I’ve been up to here, in the little green forest.

Last week I decided to take on the exciting Instagram challenge, Folktale week Nov 12th- 18th, created to encourage artists from all around the world to share stories and explore character creation and visual storytelling. Each day there is a different theme behind each piece:
1. Forest
2. Magic
3. Witch
4. Ghost
5. Insect
6. Mirror
7. Animal
Even though it’s been pretty hectic getting bits created, It’s been a pleasure to take part in this and so far I have included a piece every day, including some from my magical storybook ‘The Animal Moon Parade’ and some brand, new, experimental pieces too.

Animal Moon magic

So today, I had to go to the forest to photograph the first of the new pieces, with the idea of capturing it within a natural environment and capturing the magic in nature. We usually photograph my work in my warm, clean, well-lit studio, so today was going to be a huge challenge! Thankfully the sun was shining, so that was a great start!

I found a beautiful place to set my work and set about displaying my forest, paper, cut outs extremely quickly, as the damp was a real issue. Thankfully I had help from my photographer husband, oh and our little blue dog, who couldn’t resist sniffing everything! 🙂

It was really difficult to catch the kind of detail one can in the studio but even with all the challenges, we managed to grab a few shots that I was happy with and it’s inspired me to continue to experiment with working outdoors.


I’ll be posting more this week on my Instagram, so make sure to pop over to @deerlittleforest to have a look.

Big Bear Hugs! X