Rowan the Fox Loves Autumn Time!


The days following our second BLE show have quite simply flown by! It was a fantastic show for the DEER LITTLE FOREST and we’ve been really busy here with interesting follow-ups and exciting plans! (updates coming soon 😉

With the first book in the DLF series complete, I am all set to forge ahead with the second. Last week I tidied the studio and re-stocked with paper and pencils, this week I’m searching for inspiration. I’m loving the feast of Autumnal colours and textures available this time of year and find my regular forests walks the most inspiring. I find everything about this time of year seems to evoke the ethos of the hand-crafted DEER LITTLE FOREST, from cosy knits, warm rustic fires and yummy, home-made, veggie stews.

The pumpkins are ready to be carved and lovely, leaf collages have been made by Loki for the studio. I even think Rowan the Fox is loving the Autumn season too!

Rowan the Fox!

A Fairy Godmother In The Forest!

Howdy folks!

We hope you all had a super weekend and are feeling refreshed and ready for the week ahead.

Our weekend was filled with wonderful friends, parties and ceremonies. I became a Fairy God Mother/Guardian Angel to the beautiful Matilda Rose, during a Humanist ceremony held in the same field as our Wedding took place last year. So lots of happy vibes there and many, new, wonderful memories made. 

I read a poem I’d written for Matilda and gave her a painting I’d created for her, depicting her as a fully grown ‘Warrior Queen’ of the forest. I hope Matilda will enjoy looking at this as she grows through the years. Here’s a snippet…

Matilda Warrior Queen 

For more information with regards to commissions and to find out more about my illustrations,



I am always happy to hear from you.

Have a great week.

Love from Jo in the little green forest x 

2 Week Countdown to ‘Pulse’

It’s a busy, productive and exciting start to our week here in the Deer Little Forest. It’s the two week countdown to the fabulous Trade Show ‘Pulse‘ and we’re already boxing everything up. I’ve asked the Deer Little Forest folk for some help and Bear, Rabbit and little blue dog are doing a grand job!

Hey, we know it’s a little early, but we’ve got some other exciting projects that we need to get our teeth, paws and claws stuck into!

One of which is an exhibition of my illustrations due to happen in May. It’s going to have a mix of collage pieces and it will be a great opportunity for me to show folks my original paper-cut work and the crafting that goes on behind each piece.

I’m hoping to get a couple of brand new pieces done too and I must admit they are quite big. Hmmmm, I’d probably get back to it.

After a nice cuppa though I think.

“Don’t forget to pack the snacks Bear!”

Getting everything ready for Pulse

A Deer Little Update!

Hello everyone!

Just a tiny, little, bloggy update to show you a snippet of some new work being created this week in my cosy little studio, as I keep out of the wind and rain today.

Also, a little heads up to say, “check back here later” An exciting blog post should be here this evening and it’s something I’ve been really looking forward to.

Have a lovely Wednesday one and all!

Big Bear Hugs X

A new forest creature emerges!