Happy Halloween!

We’re having a very happy Halloween here in the DEER LITTLE FOREST!

Taking time away from sketching in the studio, the DLF folk set off for the woods in search of fun and magic! We found friendly, talking trees and skeletons made from leaves and twigs. We warmed ourselves drinking yummy hot chocolate and had a jolly old time toasting marshmallows round the camp fire. It’s been a wonderful time, relishing nature, Autumn and friends!

Happy Halloween everyone! X

Halloween in the DEER LITTLE FOREST



A Fairy Godmother In The Forest!

Howdy folks!

We hope you all had a super weekend and are feeling refreshed and ready for the week ahead.

Our weekend was filled with wonderful friends, parties and ceremonies. I became a Fairy God Mother/Guardian Angel to the beautiful Matilda Rose, during a Humanist ceremony held in the same field as our Wedding took place last year. So lots of happy vibes there and many, new, wonderful memories made. 

I read a poem I’d written for Matilda and gave her a painting I’d created for her, depicting her as a fully grown ‘Warrior Queen’ of the forest. I hope Matilda will enjoy looking at this as she grows through the years. Here’s a snippet…

Matilda Warrior Queen 

For more information with regards to commissions and to find out more about my illustrations,

Visit: http://www.deerlittleforest.com

Contact: jo@deerlittleforest.com

I am always happy to hear from you.

Have a great week.

Love from Jo in the little green forest x 

A Crafty, Eco Easter

During the lovely, long Easter weekend, Loki and I had fun making his first Easter crafts. We decided to make an Easter crown from forest finds and recycled card, which I had left over from my Art Therapy work.

We also decided to celebrate the launch of my Deer Little Forest Eco-friendly, biodegradable, fabric wall stickers by asking friends and Facebook followers to create an Eco-Art piece, offering a free Deer Little Forest wall sticker as a prize.

Loki choose the winner and his love of everything chicken and duck related, helped him choose Rachel and Lucy’s Ec0, Easter eggs. Well done Lucy, your painting is lovely and what a great Easter, Eco idea! We hope you enjoy your wall stickers as much as Loki does X

Make sure to follow our facebook page for future Deer Little Forest offers and giveaways. X

Easter Eco Crafts

Made With Love

This week I have been reading about the ‘Wool House,’ the worlds largest showcase of wool, exhibiting now at Somerset House, a spectacular neo-classical building on the strand, nestled in the heart of London.

One of the leading interior designers asked to design a room is Donna Wilson, a favourite British designer of mine. I find her work and business ethos inspiring and now, since she has become a mother, I love reading her blog ‘birdie and bear’, featuring her beautiful baby son Eli.

Donna has always loved using wool in her work, loving the versatility of this natural material and the amazing array of colour. I too find it’s warm, textured, coziness interesting and intriguing and I hope to incorporate it into my work one day. I am though, unfortunately, not a knitter but rather fortunately surrounded by Granny’s who are. Loki is one lucky little boy, who is the proud owner of the most gorgeously, srummy array of cosy jumpers and cardigans I can only dream of owning. Much of their beauty comes from the fact that they are hand made with love. Every stitch carefully and delicately crafted, with the overwhelming joy of creating something to keep a much-loved Grandson warm and cosy.

I just adore the handmade craft and this week I have also been extremely lucky to receive some gorgeous, handmade gifts from two of my dearest friends, Emily and Anna. Emily is a talented textiles teacher and crafts person, who made me the most beautiful and magical sketchbook cover. I can’t help but touch it, as the texture is so intricate and the colours so rich! It’s utterly lovely and with a heartfelt message inside which reads, ‘jo’s book of dreams’. Yes I love it! Anna’s gift is one of my favourite photographs taken by her talented Husband Stu from Cooper Photography. I had admired it for some time now and Anna just knew how much I would adore it! I’m so lucky to have friends who share my love and passion for handmade craft. Those gifts are always the most treasured.

So after the wonderful Birthday week I’ve had, I’m incredibly excited to be traveling up to London this Sunday to view more creative, handmade goodies at the Easter Crafty Fox Market. I’m also really excited to be heading over to the V&A to view the awesome david bowie is exhibition. Now that is going to be a good day!

handmade with love

December in the little forest

Here we are, well in to December and I haven’t posted here for some time! I must apologise! Not only is it turning out to be one of the busiest times but also a really creative one too. So much work is filling up my studio that I’ve had to literally fight my way out to get to my computer. I love writing my posts and i’ve really missed having the time to do so. So I think a new years resolution is already looming…. hmmmmm, must make more time….. but from where though?

I’m not complaining, don’t get me wrong. I’m having the most wonderful time, getting lots of new designs and products ready for the New Year and a great big “thank you” to all our lovely customers, as I am still sending out Christmas orders of greeting cards and prints, hooray!

My website has also been re-tweaked with lots of new work added, events and also a little sneak-peak of my studio space too. We had a lovely time at Wonder-Hill on December 2nd too, which was our last event this year unfortunately. But creative time has been desperately needed, so I’ve been tucked away in my studio most of the time, day and evening, working on the new product ranges and not really getting much free time of any sort.

This weekend though, was all about that and Loki and I had the best, festive time ever. We dressed our tree, hung lights, wrote cards, ate mince pies and visited a couple of beautiful Swedish reindeer. Watching Loki’s face light up at seeing all of the festive celebrations is making this time of year the most magical it has ever been.

Making the most of free time is really the best new years resolution I could make.

December Update

Start of the Summer

After so much rain, the warmth of the sun feels sweeter somehow.

Saturday felt like the start of the Summer and marked quite a poignant end to a very reflective week, where gratitude and remembrance stood strong.

With the sad news of the passing of both Adam Yauch and Maurice Sendak, I looked back and remembered those who had, at some point, touched my heart and inspired me along the way, who had fired emotions and imagination which had always stayed close to my heart, inspiring me as an artist throughout the years. It is at times like this where you feel immense gratitude and remember to be thankful for all you have and all that has made you who you are today.

So Saturday was poignant, a day of kindness and happiness. Stepping into my garden after days of dreary rain, I am met with a glorious abundance of greeness, an allotment full of thriving vegetables and flowers bursting with colour, and so, I am thankful for the rain. An early morning walk brought cheerful converations and a much need run for little blue dog and we were thankful for the sunshine. As another busy week has ended and I say a huge thank you to all my wonderful stockists who have the most gorgeous boutiques, galleries and coffee shops and who are supporting me to do what I love.

Holding my first edition of ‘Where the wild things are’ close to my heart, I watch my parents through my kitchen window, as they mow and sweep away our seriously over grown, out of control lawn and I am so thankful for those I love and for the little things in life that make me smile.

A delicious Saturday

This Saturday the Hampshire Farmers Market was held in the beautiful grounds of Winchester Cathedral so I couldn’t resist an early morning stroll through the rain to taste the home-grown and home-baked goodies and delights on offer.

I took my rose and little blue dog along with me and we feasted on date and apple scones and sticky toffee cake! The stall holders, although very chilly offered us warm smiles and interesting chatter about their local, organic produce. Little blue dog was a hit with everyone in his fetching green coat, although I do believe he would’ve been much happier snuggled up at home.

A quick dash in to Ginger Two, the best coffee house in Winchester, and we warmed ourselves with mugs of Earl grey.

Small dogs also allowed, so little blue dog was happy once again!


A busy week in the deer little forest

It’s been a busy and exciting week in the deer little forest. More wonderful card orders have come in! Dealing with customers face to face is one of the aspects of my job I love, it’s always so rewarding to hear that my artwork gives others pleasure and I always feel very humbled to receive an order or commission for my work!

I have also been busy working on new card designs and joining the GCA, which has already proved beneficial and a great help. I recommend it to anyone starting out in the greeting card industry as they give you valuable advice and support in all aspects of the business. For us at ‘deer little forest’ lots of exciting trade shows and other events to plan for in the months ahead!

This week the thunder storms have been awesome, bringing beautiful rainbows and much need rain for the allotment. In between showers I have actually managed to start sanding my gorgeous, rustic trestle tables too. So really an all round busy but rewarding week.

Home grown loveliness

We are lucky enough to have our own lovely allotment patch right in our back garden and with Spring in the air, we have been busying ourselves sowing seeds for home grown edibles, Yum! You don’t get much more home grown than this!

So far so good, The birds have been kind and tiny shoots of shallots and broad beans have sprouted. Next, runner beans, tomatoes and potatoes, delicious!

I think ‘Little blue dog’ has been enjoying the sunshine too and finds the allotment patch the warmest spot in the garden!