Rowan the Fox Loves Autumn Time!


The days following our second BLE show have quite simply flown by! It was a fantastic show for the DEER LITTLE FOREST and we’ve been really busy here with interesting follow-ups and exciting plans! (updates coming soon 😉

With the first book in the DLF series complete, I am all set to forge ahead with the second. Last week I tidied the studio and re-stocked with paper and pencils, this week I’m searching for inspiration. I’m loving the feast of Autumnal colours and textures available this time of year and find my regular forests walks the most inspiring. I find everything about this time of year seems to evoke the ethos of the hand-crafted DEER LITTLE FOREST, from cosy knits, warm rustic fires and yummy, home-made, veggie stews.

The pumpkins are ready to be carved and lovely, leaf collages have been made by Loki for the studio. I even think Rowan the Fox is loving the Autumn season too!

Rowan the Fox!

Latest news from the Deer Little Forest


It’s all been a bit quiet here in the DLF blog………but It’s been the busiest time ever in my studio! I’ve almost finished the first book in the DEER LITTLE FOREST SERIES, yay!  It’s been a mammoth task to say the least! Half way through I decided to make changes to Forest Flo and so I had to start all over. Then I decided that I wanted to change how I was creating the illustrations, so this meant yet another change. well I guess it’s never worth doing anything unless you do it right and I wanted to make sure the first book looks really special 🙂

Phew! It was worth it though, as I am soooo happy with how the book is looking and soooooo excited to get it printed in time for the BLE licensing show in October.  Here’s the new Forest Flo with the rest of the woodland gang!


Along with illustrating the first book, we’ve been busy signing a host of new deals aimed at supporting ecologically oriented charities. DEER LITTLE FOREST has joined Digital Giving’s T-Shirt Booth in support of The Woodland Trust and Timbergram for a range of greeting cards to champion Tree Aid.

Also, I can’t tell you excited I was to receive these examples of  my cards which are due to sell through Karto in Finland! How totally cute! The Forest Folk love them!




A Little Look At What’s To Come!

Hello Deer Forest Followers!

Here’s a little look at just a few of the new Deer Little Forest designs launching at Pulse this May.

Just a few mind, we’re going to be launching many, MANY more! You’ll have to visit our stand LP25 at Pulse this May to see the full, extensive range of brand new designs!

Wishing you all a wonderful week!

New Cards For Pulse 2014

Deer Little Forest Make London This Friday!

Deer Little Forest will be at Camden Market this Friday, forming part of the selected 30 Designer/makers for ‘We Make London.’

We will have a great selection of our Eco-friendly products on sale, including a huge selection of cards, notebooks, invites, prints and wall stickers. We hope to see you there! We’re hoping for a little sunshine too……. 🙂

Style That Matters!

In the Deer Little Forest we are proud to say our products are not only made in the UK but also eco friendly and in the case of our fabulous, fabric wall stickers, 100% eco friendly and biodegradable too! Yes, that’s right, high quality fabric, self adhesive, re-usable wall stickers with the added bonus of  BIODEGRADABLE BRILLIANCE! Hoorah!

Our Eco Fabric Wall Stickers

Over at Pulse this May, I had the wonderful opportunity of meeting Jessica from ‘Yours Sustainably,’ a stylish online shop for the socially and eco-minded, and we chatted about ‘Style that Matters’ and the importance of well designed products not only being beautiful but also sustainable. I LOVE their online store, so many gorgeous items and I am so proud that Yours Sustainably is a stockist of Deer Little Forest fabric wall stickers.

Yours Sustainably provides unusual fashion and home accessories, such as jewellery made from recycled PET plastic bottles and placemats made from recycled coffee cups, while also giving the consumer an insight into the production methods, locations and people involved in the manufacturing of each unique item.

Yours Sustainably is a Mother and Daughter team and Lynn and Jessica’s adopted philosophy of ‘happiness held is the seed, happiness shared is the flower’, invites the customer to be part of a shared vision of producers, suppliers and consumers being jointly responsible for creating and buying ethical products.

Lynn and Jessica united their interests in craft and style to develop Yours Sustainably.  Living in the heart of the Kentish countryside has ensured a deep appreciation of the environment, and travel experiences have provided a wider perspective on the lives and great skills of those in less privileged communities around the world.  Through extensive travel, daughter Jessica has met many talented people who are in desperate need of a fair wage and a good standard of living. This inspired her to source high quality, ethical products from around the world.

Yours Sustainably Ltd also works hard to engage with consumers on sustainable issues, telling the unique stories of over 40 ethical suppliers.  Plans for the future include building on their pledge to give 10% of profits every month to charity and continuing their fundraising and community events.

Consumers are without a doubt becoming more responsible for the choices they make, and the impact these have on the environment and the people who live in it.  Yours Sustainably provides an enjoyable shopping experience, while proving that sustainable products can be desirable and functional.  Yours Sustainably believes that shopping for ethical goods doesn’t have to compromise yours wants and needs.




Deer Little Forest wall sticker