Morning Walk Through The Woods.

I headed out to the woods this morning with my camera in hand and little blue dog by my side.nalunovwalk

The trees were drenched in golden, Autumnal sunshine and the leaves crunched under our feet, it was ever so beautiful and such a pleasure to find the woods empty. We were free to wander, soak up the energies and search for inspiration.

My aim today was to scout for some special spots to take photos of my artwork. I have an idea to bring together the outdoors with my illustrations and hopefully to get some wonderful photographs. It really is just an idea at the moment though but I love a new creative challenge and I’m a strong believer in going for it!

It seemed everywhere I looked there were tiny doorways in the trees, and magic all around!

It’s there if you open your eyes!


The more I looked amongst the tree, the more I could visualise my idea. I’ve just got to try and bring it to life now……………wish me luck!

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