Working in The Forest Today

Good morning everyone and I hope you’re having a lovely week!

I thought I’d take a moment to let you know what I’ve been up to here, in the little green forest.

Last week I decided to take on the exciting Instagram challenge, Folktale week Nov 12th- 18th, created to encourage artists from all around the world to share stories and explore character creation and visual storytelling. Each day there is a different theme behind each piece:
1. Forest
2. Magic
3. Witch
4. Ghost
5. Insect
6. Mirror
7. Animal
Even though it’s been pretty hectic getting bits created, It’s been a pleasure to take part in this and so far I have included a piece every day, including some from my magical storybook ‘The Animal Moon Parade’ and some brand, new, experimental pieces too.

Animal Moon magic

So today, I had to go to the forest to photograph the first of the new pieces, with the idea of capturing it within a natural environment and capturing the magic in nature. We usually photograph my work in my warm, clean, well-lit studio, so today was going to be a huge challenge! Thankfully the sun was shining, so that was a great start!

I found a beautiful place to set my work and set about displaying my forest, paper, cut outs extremely quickly, as the damp was a real issue. Thankfully I had help from my photographer husband, oh and our little blue dog, who couldn’t resist sniffing everything! ūüôā

It was really difficult to catch the kind of detail one can in the studio but even with all the challenges, we managed to grab a few shots that I was happy with and it’s inspired me to continue to experiment with working outdoors.


I’ll be posting more this week on my Instagram, so make sure to pop over to @deerlittleforest to have a look.

Big Bear Hugs! X

Another Catch up on the Deer Little Forest News!

Hi fellows foresters! I hope you’ve all been having a wonderful week and have been enjoying all the glorious Autumnal colours as much as I have!

I wanted to take a moment today to tell you more about the wonderful agents I have had the pleasure in working with over the past year (another reason why I’ve been quiet here on my blog and in my Etsy shop) who represent my¬†high-concept Arts & Lifestyle Brand DEER LITTLE FOREST

Lisa Hryniewicz and I started working with some fantastic agents this year, including our fabulous UK agent, Sarah Lawrence at This is Iris, an exciting new Creative Licensing Agency

Screen Shot 2018-11-09 at 09.40.39

The Iris team work alongside a variety of established artists, designers and IP developers to extend their ever growing international licensing programs.

Members of the Iris team have worked creatively with names such as Fox, Disney, Hit, BBC, and Aardman and created ranges for retailers direct, working across many category fields including stationery, gifts, apparel, publishing and packaging, as well as the business side of the industry, experience extends to brand development, contract negotiation, marketing and PR.

We were also delighted to sign with the wonderful Jonathan Symington, from the¬†The Lantic Group in the¬†UNITED STATES. Here’s a brilliant press piece on Jonathan

Jonathan is the former Vice President and general manager of Global Entertainment licensing at Disney Consumer Products and set up the Lantic group, a boutique business consultancy specialising in building brands through products launches, licensing strategies and International expansion.

Most recently we signed with the amazing¬†Mr. Nobutaka Nagai at¬†Honmoku File, Ltd. in¬†JAPAN. We had the pleasure of meeting the Honmoku team at the Brand Licensing Europe Show¬†and were beyond excited to discuss our latest project with them! Here’s a press piece on our amazing news!

Screen Shot 2018-10-05 at 14.57.19

So as you can imagine, We’ve been really busy with our expanding team of AWESOME agents and we look forward to all the exciting collaborations that lay ahead.icons_34

We’re really looking forward to 2019 when the first of the DEER LITTLE FOREST Theme parks will open. It feels quire surreal at the moment, so until then I’m going to keep busy creating artwork for this project and imagining my DEER LITTLE FOREST friends within this magical setting! Looking forward to the day when I visit parks for myself and see how my forest friends are settling in ! ūüėČ

Happy weekends everyone!

Big Bear Hugs! Xx






















Morning Walk Through The Woods.

I headed out to the woods this morning with my camera in hand and little blue dog by my side.nalunovwalk

The trees were drenched in golden, Autumnal sunshine and the leaves crunched under our feet, it was ever so beautiful and such a pleasure to find the woods empty. We were free to wander, soak up the energies and search for inspiration.

My aim today was to scout for some special spots to take photos of my artwork. I have an idea to bring together the outdoors with my illustrations and hopefully to get some wonderful photographs. It really is just an idea at the moment though but I love a new creative challenge and I’m a strong believer in going for it!

It seemed everywhere I looked there were tiny doorways in the trees, and magic all around!

It’s there if you open your eyes!


The more I looked amongst the tree, the more I could visualise my idea. I’ve just got to try and bring it to life now……………wish me luck!

So happy to be back! :-)

dancing page1

I love this time of year for so many reasons! The gorgeous colours and textures in nature, my favourite veggies are growing in the allotment, candles and fairy lights, woolly jumpers and scarfs, strictly is back on the box (woohoo!) AND I tend to feel really, REALLY creative!

So after a terribly long time away from blogging, I’m thrilled to be back and excited to be able to share my illustration work, creative process, inspiration and any DEER LITTLE FOREST or FLORA news again!


This week I was delighted to reopen my Etsy shop¬† where I’m selling all my favourite, original DEER LITTLE FOREST designs, plus I’ll be adding lots of new JO ROSE illustrations and whimsical, magical, forest creations along the way. I’ve got so many ideas for gorgeous forest makes, that I’m bursting to get creating and I’m also delighted to be learning some new crafting skills too! News on this and a new JO ROSE website coming soon!


The main reason for being so quiet on here for so long is that I’ve been super busy developing the stunning FLORA animation with my ‘Girl Power’ team, Lisa Hryniewicz, Karen Fowler and Tatiana Kober, along with the brilliant animation studio,¬†Yeti Farm!¬†The process of bringing an idea from illustration through to animation is a mammoth task and It’s been the greatest learning process.¬†I’m not allowed to tell you too much about the animation at the moment (top secret!) but I can tell you it’s all looking totally awesome! Check out the stars of the show below, our fabulous FLORA and ROWAN!

button F&F 1

So as you can tell, I’m beyond happy to be back here and I really hope that you enjoy catching up with the goings on in my little, forest world too!

Have a great week everyone!

Biggest Bear Hugs! X