Time for a catch- up with the Deer Forest Friends!

Wow! it’s been the most exciting few months so far for DEER LITTLE FOREST!

Since signing the development deal with the iconic KING ROLLO FILMS, Deer Little Forest’s Lisa Hryniewicz and Leo Nielsen (Founder and President of King Rollo) headed out to glorious Miami this February to showcase the AMAZING Deer Little Forest trailer at Kidscreen. The response they received was incredible and is such a dream come true. The trailer is utterly beautiful!!! So true to my original artwork that I couldn’t be happier! The King Rollo animation team are a Super, super talented bunch! The perfect team for Lisa and I to work with!

See the animation trailer here! http://www.kingrollofilms.co.uk/indev.html

We also received March’s edition of GET BUSY magazine which showcased DEER LITTLE FOREST, with our very own Forest Flo on the front cover! There she is sat right alongside PEPPA PIG, BOB THE BUILDER AND THOMAS! Wow, what a distinguished bunch!

Busy time- March edition

Deer Little Forest will appear in the next edition of GET BUSY, on sale on the 1st April! i can’t wait to see it in the shops this Wednesday!!!!

This week also see’s Lisa and the Deer Little Forest folk head off to the Bologna Children’s Book fair, so we wish her a great trip and look forward to telling you more exciting DEER LITTLE FOREST news very soon!

Till next time, a great, big thank you for reading, following and supporting us!

Biggest Bear Hugs! X

Thank you!

For more updates and news, visit us here: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Deer-Little-Forest/262167047230461

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