New Deer Little Forest Summer Goodies!

Brand New Summer products! Now available in my Deer Little Forest etsy shop, including notebooks, children’s invitations and gift wrap. 

This range of products will also be available to buy at the ‘We Make London ‘ Camden Market this August. More info to come!

New Summer Products

A Magical Little Forest

There is definitely a sense of magic in a British forest and walking with blue dog in the sunshine today, I feel refreshed, invigorated and fully inspired once more!

I’m very lucky to live here. It’s good for my sketch book, It’s very good for my soul…….

Summertime in the forest

Style That Matters!

In the Deer Little Forest we are proud to say our products are not only made in the UK but also eco friendly and in the case of our fabulous, fabric wall stickers, 100% eco friendly and biodegradable too! Yes, that’s right, high quality fabric, self adhesive, re-usable wall stickers with the added bonus of  BIODEGRADABLE BRILLIANCE! Hoorah!

Our Eco Fabric Wall Stickers

Over at Pulse this May, I had the wonderful opportunity of meeting Jessica from ‘Yours Sustainably,’ a stylish online shop for the socially and eco-minded, and we chatted about ‘Style that Matters’ and the importance of well designed products not only being beautiful but also sustainable. I LOVE their online store, so many gorgeous items and I am so proud that Yours Sustainably is a stockist of Deer Little Forest fabric wall stickers.

Yours Sustainably provides unusual fashion and home accessories, such as jewellery made from recycled PET plastic bottles and placemats made from recycled coffee cups, while also giving the consumer an insight into the production methods, locations and people involved in the manufacturing of each unique item.

Yours Sustainably is a Mother and Daughter team and Lynn and Jessica’s adopted philosophy of ‘happiness held is the seed, happiness shared is the flower’, invites the customer to be part of a shared vision of producers, suppliers and consumers being jointly responsible for creating and buying ethical products.

Lynn and Jessica united their interests in craft and style to develop Yours Sustainably.  Living in the heart of the Kentish countryside has ensured a deep appreciation of the environment, and travel experiences have provided a wider perspective on the lives and great skills of those in less privileged communities around the world.  Through extensive travel, daughter Jessica has met many talented people who are in desperate need of a fair wage and a good standard of living. This inspired her to source high quality, ethical products from around the world.

Yours Sustainably Ltd also works hard to engage with consumers on sustainable issues, telling the unique stories of over 40 ethical suppliers.  Plans for the future include building on their pledge to give 10% of profits every month to charity and continuing their fundraising and community events.

Consumers are without a doubt becoming more responsible for the choices they make, and the impact these have on the environment and the people who live in it.  Yours Sustainably provides an enjoyable shopping experience, while proving that sustainable products can be desirable and functional.  Yours Sustainably believes that shopping for ethical goods doesn’t have to compromise yours wants and needs.




Deer Little Forest wall sticker

10% off time in the Deer Little Forest!

New Deer Little Forest products including gift wrap, children’s invitations and notebooks will be available very soon in my etsy shop and to celebrate I’m giving away 10% coupons to everyone on my mailing list.

Summer celebration!

Simply visit, join and I will be sending out a super Summer mail out, including your coupon, at the end of July.

Children's invitations

Deer Little Forest Joins The Extraordinary Circus!

It’s a magical, wonderful Monday morning here in the Deer Little Forest, with the sun shining gloriously and happy vibes flowing through the trees. The Deer Little Forest folk are feeling are full of beans too, they have arrived at a new, exciting stockist and they just can’t wait to tell you all about it!

“Roll up, roll up!” The forest folk call, “ladies and gentle folk, creatures big and small.”

Introducing for your entertainment only, Fee Fee La Fou HQ, a neon, circus themed concept boutique that makes curious products for curious people. Inside this Aladdins Cave you’ll find original art works, limited edition prints, bespoke furniture, custom jewellery & designer home wares, including a selected range of Deer Little Forest goodies.

The shop is owned & run by an independent arts collective who aim to celebrate colour through the visual arts, become a renowned destination for showcasing the art, design & fashion industries & to support other like-minded entrepreneurial spirits.

The studio space is also home sweet home to a free ranged artist called Fee Fee La Fou, an Oxford graduate from The Ruskin School of Fine Art & Drawing, with an MFA from The Slade, UCL & who exhibits her work both nationally & internationally. I was delighted to meet the lovely Fee this May, at the Pulse Trade show and so excited to hear all about her boutique, Fee Fee La Fou HQ. It really was an absolutely pleasure meeting Fee and I am over the moon to stock my Deer Little Forest products in her beautiful and inspiring boutique.

This extraordinary travelling circus can be found at;

6 Bradbury Street, Dalston, London N16 8JN.

You can also find Fee Fee La Fou HQ on Facebook & Twitter as Fee Fee La Fou Enterprises.

 Opening times are;

Wednesday to Saturday 11am until 7pm & Sunday 12pm until 5pm.

For enquiries or additional information please call 0207 249 1238 or email us at

Fee Fee La Fou HQ

Fee Fee La Fou HQ