December in the little forest

Here we are, well in to December and I haven’t posted here for some time! I must apologise! Not only is it turning out to be one of the busiest times but also a really creative one too. So much work is filling up my studio that I’ve had to literally fight my way out to get to my computer. I love writing my posts and i’ve really missed having the time to do so. So I think a new years resolution is already looming…. hmmmmm, must make more time….. but from where though?

I’m not complaining, don’t get me wrong. I’m having the most wonderful time, getting lots of new designs and products ready for the New Year and a great big “thank you” to all our lovely customers, as I am still sending out Christmas orders of greeting cards and prints, hooray!

My website has also been re-tweaked with lots of new work added, events and also a little sneak-peak of my studio space too. We had a lovely time at Wonder-Hill on December 2nd too, which was our last event this year unfortunately. But creative time has been desperately needed, so I’ve been tucked away in my studio most of the time, day and evening, working on the new product ranges and not really getting much free time of any sort.

This weekend though, was all about that and Loki and I had the best, festive time ever. We dressed our tree, hung lights, wrote cards, ate mince pies and visited a couple of beautiful Swedish reindeer. Watching Loki’s face light up at seeing all of the festive celebrations is making this time of year the most magical it has ever been.

Making the most of free time is really the best new years resolution I could make.

December Update