A Rose in the Forest!

I am now officially a Rose! Our Wedding was such a wonderful day and I can truly say, one of the best days of our lives and shared with the most important and incredibly special people. I promise to have photos of our magical day here as soon as I can. We are so very lucky to have Anna and Stu of Cooper Photography as two of our closest and dearest friends and we just can’t wait to see the beautiful photographs they have taken! Such wonderful memories made that day!

After such a big event as your Wedding day, it’s fantastic to get away from it all for a while and we spent the following week away in Cornwall with our beautiful, little family of Roses, staying in the most peaceful and romantic little boathouse in a tiny village South of Cornwall called Porkelis. What a gorgeous find! A stunning hideaway complete with a balcony and festoon lights, it’s own private garden and countless meetings with local wildlife.This included tiny bats sweeping overhead at night and the largest, most magnificent caterpillar myself and my little blue dog had ever seen! I can only imagine what a beautiful butterfly she would become one day!

We enjoyed warm, blustery walks on beaches, running with our little boys through waves and wet sand and the odd stolen, peacefully, romantic moments together under sunshine and moonlight. It was a week of fun and relaxation, a much needed  re-charge of batteries and in perfect time. On my return I am met with new, exciting and inspiring projects! The most perfect welcome home!

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