Start of the Summer

After so much rain, the warmth of the sun feels sweeter somehow.

Saturday felt like the start of the Summer and marked quite a poignant end to a very reflective week, where gratitude and remembrance stood strong.

With the sad news of the passing of both Adam Yauch and Maurice Sendak, I looked back and remembered those who had, at some point, touched my heart and inspired me along the way, who had fired emotions and imagination which had always stayed close to my heart, inspiring me as an artist throughout the years. It is at times like this where you feel immense gratitude and remember to be thankful for all you have and all that has made you who you are today.

So Saturday was poignant, a day of kindness and happiness. Stepping into my garden after days of dreary rain, I am met with a glorious abundance of greeness, an allotment full of thriving vegetables and flowers bursting with colour, and so, I am thankful for the rain. An early morning walk brought cheerful converations and a much need run for little blue dog and we were thankful for the sunshine. As another busy week has ended and I say a huge thank you to all my wonderful stockists who have the most gorgeous boutiques, galleries and coffee shops and who are supporting me to do what I love.

Holding my first edition of ‘Where the wild things are’ close to my heart, I watch my parents through my kitchen window, as they mow and sweep away our seriously over grown, out of control lawn and I am so thankful for those I love and for the little things in life that make me smile.

Dreaming of the perfect studio

Today the Selby has featured photographs of the Brazilian artist Isabelle Tuchband’s studio and home. Truly gorgeous and awesome! I dream of having such a studio one day!

Such a wonderful mirriad of opulent colour, reminding me of one of my favourite textile designers, Kaffee Fassett. In particular, I am inspired by his mosaics and the freedom of colour, print and texture he uses.

Textile design has been a huge inspiration in the creation of my work, along with living in the forest. With the forests wild, rugged and romantic  patchwork of changing texture, light and colour, you can’t help being inspired.